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Our Agile Learning Facilitators (ALFs) come from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions resulting in a healthy mix of interests, skills, talents and experiences that students can draw and learn from. Aside from being trained in the ALC method, they are all parents with grown-up children and so have the benefit of drawing from their own rich experiences as well.



Andy Uyboco

Andy is the founder of Freedom Academy. As an educator, he has taught in various high schools and colleges in Davao and Manila.

He first discovered the ideas of self-directed education while taking his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in 2006. He continuously read, researched and fine-tuned his ideas about it until finally opening Freedom Academy in 2022.



Angelica Belen Puno

Belen has worked as a teacher in a developmental school for many years. She has taught in all levels from pre-school up to high school and has a rich experience handling a diverse range of students, even those with special needs and diagnosed disorders.

Belen is passionate about children and firmly believes in respecting their individual pace and growth in development.



Raquel Roldan

Rocky has led a life outside the box, having lived and worked as a singer and performer in Korea and Japan for many years. She can speak both languages fluently and knows much about their culture and daily life.

She likes working with children and teens, is a good listener and a great friend.



Almeyrick Bangayan

Merk has a fun-loving and kind demeanor that endears him to kids. He is an entrepreneur, photographer and table-tennis coach.


His love for table tennis and never-ending patience has enabled him to coach kids from beginners and molding them into champions.

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