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2023-24 Schedule and Fees

Freedom Academy has 3 basic payment options:

  1. You can sign up per sprint (10 weeks) at PHP25,000 each sprint (total of 3 sprints = PHP75,000 for the year).

  2. You can sign up and pay one time for the entire year (Sprint 1-3)  at PHP65,000 and save PHP10,000.

  3. You can sign up for the year with a down payment of PHP30,000 and pay PHP5,000 per month from September to April (total of PHP70,000 for the year).

  • Sibling Discount (applicable only for annual enrollment) : enrolling multiple children per family entitles the family to a PHP5,000 discount beginning with the 2nd enrollee and above (for staggered payments, discount will be applied at the LAST payment due).

  • LRN/DepEd records: We can provide these for our whole-year registrants in partnership with a DepEd-accredited school. More details can be discussed upon application to our program.


We have tried to work out our fees to be as balanced as possible between being accessible but also sustainable and operationally viable. However, if you really like our educational philosophy but find our fees out of your reach at the moment, we invite you to apply for scholarship and we may be able to work out a favorable arrangement with you.

Schedule an orientation and site visit to learn more. Text or call 0969-500-4801 to book a visit, or email us at

Joining the Community

Freedom Academy is not your typical school. In fact, it is not a school at all in all the many ways that we typically understand school. But it is a place where learning happens -- intentionally, creatively, collaboratively, spontaneously, and without bounds.

The first step in joining the community is to research and learn as much about this as you can and see if our ideas about education align with yours. You can browse through the links below:


  1. We follow the ALC Educational Model.

  2. The ideas in these videos about education have inspired this model.

  3. For further reading, you can look at these books and articles.

After doing your research and deciding that this seems like a good idea to try, contact us and schedule a visit.

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